Bot detection and prevention for Elixir web applications
Using reCaptcha or Cloudflare for bot defense? Are attackers still causing problems? is the only bot defense solution designed for Elixir and Phoenix from the very start.

What does do?

Blocks account takeover attacks

You cannot control customers reusing passwords across sites. Attackers build up lists of email/password pairs, then attempt thousands of logins a minute with tools that bypass CAPTCHA. detects and stops these attacks.

connected world

Block Data Center IP Addresses.

A rented cloud server is attempting thousands of logins on your website. With, traffic from data center IP addresses is blocked automatically.

See the outliers, no matter what is installed on your backend, with support for Elixir, Plug, and Phoenix applications. There is no JavaScript to install. If a user or IP address is sending too many requests, you will see it.

Use Cases


30 Day Free Plan
  • Full application protection
  • 10,000 events per month
  • No credit card required
  • Supports Elixir, Phoenix, and Plug
No credit card required
Enterprise Plan
  • Pricing based on request limit
  • Highest customer support tier with SLAs
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Professional engineering services

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