Introducing Email Reports

Michael Lubas, 2024-01-17 continuously monitors your Elixir application, ensuring it is safe and free of security vulnerabilities. Today can now send a weekly summary right to your inbox, keeping you informed on the security of your organization.

The report shows which sites are being scanned, if those sites handle personally identifiable information (PII), and if the sites are exposed to the public internet. Do you have an Elixir app that is not being scanned? Do you have public sites that handle PII and have active security issues? The weekly summary gives you the answers to these questions.

The email goes out every Monday, 8pm UTC. If you are currently a customer, visit your user settings page to enable this feature. If you would like to start using, please reach out today. stops data breaches by securing your Elixir and Phoenix apps. Detect and fix critical security issues today.

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