Lightweight reCaptcha and Cloudflare bot defense alternative, made for Elixir is the only bot defense solution designed for Elixir and Phoenix. Secure your application against bots doing credit card fraud, account takeover attacks, and fake user registrations.

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Stop frustruating users with reCaptcha is not a tech giant, profiting off your user's time and attention. Stop hurting your user experience with annoying, privacy invasive reCaptcha.

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Stop attackers using cloud IPs to bypass rate limiting.

Attackers today have access to thousands of Cloud provider hosted IP addresses, for free, to bypass rate limiting. Stop these attacks with a Plug, right in your Elixir application.

Blocks credential stuffing/account takeover attacks

You cannot control customers reusing passwords across sites. Attackers build up lists of email/password pairs, then attempt thousands of logins a minute with tools that bypass reCaptcha. detects and stops these attacks.

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