Security for Elixir and Phoenix
The only application security platform made for Elixir. Find and fix security issues, stop attacks, and pass audits today.

Innovative companies adopt Elixir

Adopting Elixir shows your business is only satisfied with the best technology. is the only security platform built for Elixir and Phoenix from day one.

Professional services (penetration testing, security assessment) and developer security training focused on Elixir are offered, subject to availability. More information ➔

Trusted in Production

Use Cases

Detect OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

SOC2, HIPPA, and PCI DSS Compliance

Dependency Security Scanning (SCA)

Managed Sobelow Scanning (SAST)

Vulnerability Management

Replace reCaptcha Challenges

Stop Account Credential Stuffing

Block Credit Card Fraud

Ban Bot Spam Signups

What is

Remove reCaptcha, increase revenue

reCaptcha reduces conversion rates up to 40%, costing your business money. Bot Defense replaces reCaptcha, increasing revenue by stopping bots without frustrating users.

Find and fix security vulnerabilities Application Secure scans for OWASP Top 10 issues and vulnerable dependencies, keeping a detailed audit trail for your regulatory and compliance needs. Guidance on how to fix vulnerabilities from an expert in Elixir security is included in your enterprise plan.

Defense at the Elixir application layer, for maximum security

Legacy security providers require you to send traffic, and sensitive customer data, through their servers. With the open source agent, you have full control over your data. Private customer passwords and authentication tokens are never sent to

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