Security Consulting for Elixir and Phoenix
We specialize in the Elixir and Phoenix security ecosystem. Contact us to learn how we can help with your most challenging projects.

Professional Services

Security Consulting

Work with an expert in Elixir and Phoenix to ensure the security of your application.

Static Analysis

Automate the process of finding vulnerablities in your code on every new change.

Security Advisory

Craft your security strategy to ensure the best outcomes possible.

Penetration Testing

We use black box and white box testing to find security flaws before attackers do.

Risk Assessment

Understand the most important risks in your application for a better defensive foundation.

Applied Research

Leverage our expertise to create custom solutions to your hardest problems.

Secure Development Lifecycle

Ensure security is baked into every part of your application development lifecycle.

Developer Education

Get your team up to date on the Elixir and Phoenix security ecosystem.

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