Security Consulting for Elixir and Phoenix
We specialize in Elixir and Phoenix security, from penetration testing to training Elixir developers in secure coding. Contact us to learn how we can help with your most challenging projects.

We were looking for secure coding training for our Elixir developers, to build high quality and secure software, and to be PCI compliant. This was not easy, because the existing OWASP trainings do not cover Elixir. Our employees were completely satisfied. The team had the opportunity to contribute specific questions and topics, which is so much more valuable than a standard training.

Judith Kuhnt - CEO,

It was fantastic working with an Elixir security specialist for our SaaS products. Michael gave us deeper insights and found issues previous pen tests had not, which gave us much greater confidence about the security of our platform.

Josh Price - CTO, Class Solver

Elixir Developer Security Training

Expressive, well though out and to the point, just like Elixir.

Vanja Radovanović -

Elixir Developer Security Training

Great teacher with a lot of passion for the topic.

Diede Claessens -

Professional Services

Elixir Security Training

Get compliant and truly secure with the only secure code training for Elixir on the market.

Penetration Testing offers black box and true white box assessments of Elixir and Phoenix applications, by an expert in Elixir security.

Secure Code Review

Have a security expert who also knows Elixir read and understand your source code, to find issues before attackers do.

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