Security Consulting for Elixir and Phoenix
We specialize in Elixir and Phoenix security, from penetration testing to training Elixir developers in secure coding. Contact us to learn how we can help with your most challenging projects.

"It was fantastic working with an Elixir security specialist for our SaaS products. Michael gave us deeper insights and found issues previous pen tests had not, which gave us much greater confidence about the security of our platform."

Josh Price
CTO, Class Solver

Professional Services

Developer Security Training

Secure code training is a requirement for many regulations and data protection standards. Get compliant and truely secure with the only security training for Elixir on the market today. Investing in training is the best way to minimize the need for costly post-development security fixes and maintenance.

Penetration Testing

Do not settle for generic pentesting services. offers black box and true white box assessments of Elixir and Phoenix applications, by an expert in Elixir security. Our pentesting methodologies are specifically for Elixir, addressing language-specific vulnerabilities and providing actionable recommendations to fortify your code.

Secure Code Review

When you provide your security reviewer with source code, do they really understand Elixir? With, an expert in Elixir security will manually read and test the most important sections of your codebase, ensuring you receive an accurate assessment of your security posture.

Secure Development Lifecycle

Ensure security is baked into every part of your application development lifecycle. We specialize in helping businesses implement effective SDLC practices to mitigate risks, protect sensitive data, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

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