Elixir focused Snyk, reCaptcha, and Cloudflare bot defense alternative
Secure your application against vulnerable code, credit card fraud, and account takeover attacks. Paraxial.io is the only bot defense and vulnerability management platform made for Elixir and Phoenix.

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What is Paraxial.io?

Remove reCaptcha, increase revenue

reCaptcha reduces conversion rates up to 40%, costing your business money. Paraxial.io replaces reCaptcha, increasing revenue by stopping bots without frustrating users.

Vulnerability Scanning

Paraxial.io scans your application for insecure code and vulnerable dependencies, keeping a detailed audit trail for your regulatory and compliance needs.

Full Elixir and Phoenix Support

Your business relies on Elixir, yet other security vendors do not support it. Get the best support for Elixir and Phoenix on the market today.

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